Whether your website and systems need tuning up or a complete makeover, RedLeaf is ready to deliver the results you want. Clients of all sizes gain from our unique blend of advanced technologies(including Ruby on Rails, AJAX , Test-Driven Development, SCRUM) ... 15+ years of experience... creative ideas... and dedicated customer support.

Website and Systems Development

RedLeaf can help enterprises of any size profit from blue-chip results and reliability, using resources that include more than 10 years of experience and expertise across the full development life cycle. Mission-critical assignments have become the norm for RedLeaf, thanks to our 100% automated testing approach, risk-eliminating project management and warranted work. Advanced tools and methodologies like Ruby on Rails, AJAX, SCRUM and test-driven development will insert new efficiencies and reliability into your projects - and complement the skills of your own team.

Ruby On Rails Consulting

With its commitment to specialize in Ruby On Rails, RedLeaf exclusively used this technology for all web application development and consulting work since 2004, supported production deployments in variety of environments and gathered enormous amount of experience. RedLeaf can help bring your Ruby on Rails projects to faster, more successful conclusions by enabling you to tap Rails' full power and efficiency. If an existing project has run into a wall, we'll keep it moving without scrapping work-to-date. Our proficiency with all the popular plug-ins and extensions will further speed your project, as will our ability to enable you to integrate with key systems and providers such as Authorize.NET, Paypal, FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, Yahoo Geocoding, Yahoo Maps, Google Applications, Google Maps, Google Geocoding and Google Single Sign-On (SSO). And, true to RedLeaf's tradition of agile development, we'll provide unit and integration testing for every new bit of code that's written.

Full project support

Depending on your needs, RedLeaf can also handle application deployment for you, whether on a single Linux server, a cluster of servers or a VPS slice. In addition, we can provide specialized hosting recommendations, staff training, and ongoing monitoring and support - all geared to helping you and your team enjoy fewer delays, faster investment returns and optimum reliability.

Why hire us

Technical expertise is just the start. Clients also (and often primarily) come to RedLeaf for the integrity, creativity and total commitment to project success that we bring to each project. We take the time to learn about your business and issues at hand. We're proactive thinkers with cross-disciplinary expertise who always have time to talk about your own new ideas. We're not satisfied with a project until you are. And we value your "thank you" as much as what you pay us.


RedLeaf doesn't try to win business with sales gimmicks and promises of dirt-cheap rates. Rather, we would like to put you in touch with clients who once were in the same position that you are and who have never looked back on their decision to use RedLeaf. Just send a brief note about the nature of your project and we will tell you how to connect with people who have used RedLeaf to meet similar needs.