• The solution to difficult problems

    We have the unique blend of skills to tackle what others can't.

  • Cross-Functional Approach

    We look at the whole picture to produce the optimal result.

  • 40+ Years of Experience

    We know the new tech, the old tech, and how to make it work best.

  • Open & Collaborative Management

    With us, You are in the loop all the time because we work as one team.

  • Best of the breed

    Technology is a fast moving industry where new ideas come and go all the time. We use our extensive experience to select the best tools that work in the long run.

    • laptop_mac

      Responsive Web

      Angular and Svelte mixed with Bootstrap and Tailwind are our top choices for frontend development.

    • phone_iphone

      Native Mobile

      We love NativeScript! It dramatically cuts the costs when You want both iOS and Android versions of the app.

    • cloud


      Google Cloud and Firebase are both comprehensive and cost effective and thus our go-to cloud platforms.

    • dns

      Hosted Services

      We think Linux rules the server world. That's why we use it to deploy Node.JS and Ruby On Rails apps.

  • Business Dashboard on a Macbook

Staying on track

We rely on modern, tried and true practices to ensure project's success.

  • accessibility_new


    We treat clients as a part of the team with full access to the work in progress, plans and documentation.

  • thumbs_up_down

    Peer reviews & Continuous education

    We foster collaborative spirit and take time to learn from each other.

  • shuffle


    We see clients' feedback to be essential for our growth and improvement. Even harsh criticism is better than dead silence.

  • autorenew

    Automation & DevOps

    Computers never sleep, so we like them to do the job whenever they can. This way we can focus on the human productivity.

Case Studies

We do have something to brag about

These three collaborations were selected to showcase our versatile abilities and involvements in multiple industries.

We are humans too

We believe in personal connections, good times together and having a life outside of the office. We work hard so we can play hard too.

  • The Boss
    Sergei Serdyuk
    Father, Hiker, Home cook, Tinkerer
  • The AI Wiz
    Olga Ivanova
    Mom, Traveler, Gardener, Reader
  • Coming soon

A virtual team with a heart set in Vermont.

  • Mailing Address

    Red Leaf Software LLC
    P.O. Box 201
    Colchester, VT 05446

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  • Phone In

    (802) 735-0730

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